Fantasy of Frost

Fantasy of Frost

This book review contains minor spoilers!

General Information

Author: Kelly St. Clare

Series: #1 in Tainted Accords

Audience: Mature YA due to a lot of swearing



Sometimes it takes death to show you how to live.
I know many things. What I am capable of, what I will change, what I will become. But there is one thing I will never know…
The veil I’ve worn from birth carries with it a terrible loneliness; a suppression I cannot imagine being free of.
Some things never change…
My mother will always hate me. Her court will always shun me.

…Until they do.
When the peace delegation arrives from the savage world of Glacium, my life is shoved wildly out of control by the handsome Prince Kedrick who, for unfathomable reasons, shows me kindness.
And the harshest lessons are learned.
Sometimes it takes the world bringing you to your knees to find that spark you thought forever lost.
Sometimes it takes death to show you how to live.

World building

The universe Kelly  St. Clare has created is comprised of the winter world, Glacium, and the summer world, Osolis. The inhabitants of each, the Bruma and the Solati are complete opposites. The Bruma being more vulgar and ruthless, while the Solati are prim and conservative. While the two worlds share a connection, the Bruma and Solati do not, true peace would never be possible


It is the beautiful thing about the Solati avoidance of asking straight question; it is easy to ignore them.


Between Glacium and Osolis lies the only physical connection – the Oscala. The great stairway consists only of floating shelves, where a pathway of ropes has been built.

Plot / Storyline

We get pulled into the world of Tatuma Olina, heir to the throne, who has been veiled since birth by her mother. She lives in constant fear of her mother and her uncle even though she has secretly trained as a warrior. Olina falls in love with Prince Kedrick from Glacium, who leads the peace delegation. Both learn that forming a romantic bond between the two worlds shouldn’t happen.

Just as things were starting to look up for her, Olina awakens on the Oscala on the way to Glacium after being knocked unconscious, kidnapped, and taken for questioning after a brutal murder.


Tatuma Olina (main character)

Olina, next in line to the throne of Osolis, wears a veil and has never seen her face. While the Solati see her as their favorite royal, because she interacts with them in the city, her mother despises her. No matter how many beatings she endures or the fact that she was kept in a tower until the age of ten, nothing seems to get in her way of fighting for a better world. With fierce determination and bravery, she lives through the constant mental and physical abuse. In addition, she trains in secret with her father figure Aquin – Ex member of the Elite guard and her fighting skills are impressive considering she isn’t able to see clearly through her veil so she must rely on her hearings and instincts.


Other characters

Mostly we get to know a little bit of Olina’s her mother Tatum Avanna, her brothers (Olandon, Ochave & Oberon) and her Uncle Cassian. We also meet the delegates from Glacium and Prince Kedrick. The characters are well developed and realistic due to their introvert vs. extrovert nature.


“Okay,” he roars. “I’ll do it. You could fucking convince a stone to give you water”. – Rhone


Olina’s love interest Prince Kedrick from Glacium is one of the first people she fully trusts. They teach each other the ways of their worlds.

The issue they are facing is not only that their time together is limited, because the peace delegation stays only for a year in Osolis, but also that a Bruma and a Solati being together is strictly forbidden. So they keep their relationship hidden to prevent a war between their lands.

I can’t say more to their relationship nor to a possible other love interest, because that would spoiler too much :/

What I liked / hated the most

I loved the unique natures of each of the characters. Reading about the cultural and political differences was extremely fascinating.

I had a blast when Prince Kedrick explained swearing words to Olina, even more when the innocent Solati Olina used them!

What I hated the most was the description of how the world rotates and how the two parts are split into six sectors each. It’s not like how it works in our world atleast. The “easy” explanation where Olina tries to explain it to her little brothers didn’t help either. I think that their worlds are more habitable to live in when they are closest to each other? Feel free to elaborate if you understood this better, please!

Furthermore I didn’t like that the love interest was already there but that is just my opinion and it sure as hell didn’t stop me from reading more (beware of a huge surprise! 😛 )


This is actually a very hard conclusion to write, because I don’t want to give away too many spoilers so I want you all to enjoy this book as much as I did without having any idea of how the story unfolds. The story takes some unexpecting turns where a reader could never have guessed. Although the middle of the book seems a bit dull, the story speeds up again after that especially the ending – a huge cliffhanger. Overall it was a fun read containing a bit of everything from an intriguing adventure to a forbidden romance, mystery and humor, and I will definitely follow Olina on her epic journey in the next installment.

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