Hiiiii 🙂

I’m Elena, 24 years old and I like penguins. I was born and raised in Germany, where I still live – currently in a small village with my boyfriend and my dog.

I’m a Software Engineer so yes I’m probably the typical nerdy video gaming, programmer – except that I take showers! When I don’t stroll through the streets of Miami or enjoy a nice view of a beach in the Dominican Republic – you guessed it right I am a travelholic – , I like reading, drinking tea and listen to Michael Jackson.

Although I started reading only about three years ago, I could do it all day – anywhere and I wish to share my reviews especially the hidden book gems with everyone out there 🙂

Hello my name is Tessa. I’m 18 years old and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. The two passions in my life are reading and dancing. I do Jazz, Modern and Lyrical. I also do competitions with my team.

I’m a student and I’m studying to work in an laboratory. I also have 3 cats.

My favourite genre of books are YA Fantasy so I’ll mostly write about those books. Harry Potter started my love for books. After all these years I’m still a potterhead. I’m a proud Ravenclaw.

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Favorite Books/Series

Coming soon, because we don’t want to spoil our Hidden Gems! 🙂